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Suicide Victim Complained of Pains before Death

The tragic news of a patient committing suicide at the island’s sole respiratory hospital has caused shock and disbelief among the community.

On Wednesday, the news broke of a gentleman in his 50s, was found hanging in the room he had been warded in since being admitted into the hospital.

But why was he at the Respiratory Hospital in the first place?

According to an immediate family member, the man had complained about chest pains and was rushed to the OKEU Hospital via ambulance early Monday morning. However, he was transferred to the Respiratory Hospital to undergo a COVID-19 test and await his results.

Sadly, it was at the very hospital using bed straps, that he would hang himself.

Medical Director, Dr. Eugene-Forde, confirmed that the 54-year-old patient was last seen alive at 3:30 am on Wednesday and was discovered hanging at 6:30 am that same day.

The deceased leaves behind a wife and two teenage children.

Investigations into the matter have commenced.

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