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Decomposed Remains Identified; Police Now Face a Bigger Problem

Stephanie Thomas

DNA samples taken from a woman’s remains found in the north of the island in January of 2021 have returned.

Police confirmed that the samples matched that of Stephanie Thomas, realizing the worse fears of the family of the young woman.

Stephanie Thomas, 22, was widely speculated to have been the victim of a heinous crime that also saw her body being badly affected by natural elements.

So advanced was her decomposed state that police needed to seek assistance overseas to identify her, but, that may not be their only dilemma.

“Due to her organs being so badly decomposed there is great difficulty in ascertaining a cause of death,” said one well-placed source.

Police are now heavily reliant on public assistance in solving Thomas’ case and are requesting that anyone with knowledge of or information on the murder contact the Criminal Investigation Department.

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