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Ash and Pyroclastic Flow problem for SVG?

In a recent update to the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ on NBC Radio station Sunday morning, Professor Richard Robertson predicted that the ongoing situation at La Soufriere will present more of an ash problem for the island but didn’t rule out the occurrence of a pyroclastic flow.

Image to illustrate pyroclastic flow. photo courtesy Britannica

When asked for his assessment by the interviewer, Prime Minister, Honourable, Ralph Gonsalves, Professor Robertson confirmed that what the island was experiencing at the time was more of an ash problem as opposed to the pyroclastic flow problem.

“From what we are seeing so far, the way in which the volcano is operating it looks like we are going to more of an ash problem going up in the air than a pyroclastic flow problem. We are going to have pyroclastic flows that will affect some of the valleys, the upper parts of some of the rivers and possibly going into the sea.” the Professor revealed. Given the present situation, Professor Robertson deduced that more of the ash is expected as opposed to the pyroclastic flow.

The pyroclastic flows according to the Professor is a moving mass of destruction that not even the strongest house can survive.

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