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UWP Commends PM Chastanet

THE United Workers Party wishes to commend Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his cabinet of ministers for the stellar work they have done in working to keep St. Lucians safe during this global pandemic.

Yesterday’s address to the nation demonstrated the forward thinking of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and confirmed that early in 2020 the measures implemented by the government were well thought out, and effective at keeping the Coronavirus infection rate at a low level.

The current State of Emergency and additional protocols, such as a new regimen which includes antigen testing, inclusion of the Forensic Laboratory to augment the workload, and setting up of testing centers in the north and south, further prove this government’s commitment to safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of the people of Saint Lucia.

We are pleased to support the announced three phased plan for the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of schedule.

The rollout today of an additional 5,000 tablets to be delivered to secondary school students further demonstrates this UWP government’s focus, even during these times of a global pandemic.

The United Workers Party calls on all Saint Lucians to join hands with this government and observe all the protocols. Wear your mask, hand sanitize, and maintain the social distance protocols.

We fully support Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s statement of encouragement when he said, “We will all cross this bridge together.” Let us all work together to fight this war. We can. And we will.

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