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Our Hotels are Among the Most COVID-Secure Places on Island

THE EDITOR: It’s a pity that there are so many persons hell-bent on destruction that even when their political leaders put aside partisan gain to jointly support the fight against COVID-19, they continue to do their best to tear to pieces efforts to stabilize the country.

Listen to them, many criticizing the hotels have no idea that the only reason they themselves are earning money today is because of the income being brought into the country by the hotels. It is also disingenuous that the hotels are being blamed for the spike in COVID cases – something that is taking place the world over – when for five months the certified hotels brought in tens of thousands of people with no outbreak.

This crisis truly shows people for who they are and it is only a demented individual who would use the suffering we see today to try and capitalize on personal grouses. On the other hand, you have the ignorant minority – a group of self-proclaimed experts who digest only the negative and sensational, while ignoring much of the progressive messages — even if it is from the same source!

I want to commend our hotel owners, managers and workers for standing on the front line and helping save the livelihoods of those same selfish persons who have nothing better to do and spew bitterness on talk shows, What’sApp messages and Facebook posts.

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Do not worry about the stones they hurl at you, it is only because you are bearing fruit for our country, and ultimately history will vindicate you.

Now that we are seeing promising news regarding vaccinations, we finally have some light at the end of the tunnel — and you know what? As dark as these days may seem we will enter that light eventually, and when we do it will illuminate everyone for what they are.

We will remember those who tried to tear our institutions and our people down rather than support and help rebuild; we will remember those who had the nastiest things to say when they come to us begging a favor in the future; we will remember those who put self before country and we will make sure they never forget it.

This is not about saving lives to those people who engage in rumors and unfounded allegations, this is about peddling fear, misinformation, division, hatred and trying to create a cold civil war among our people. We do not want your kind of thinking in our society. We do not want to be contaminated by your malevolence.

On the other hand, I want to offer kudos to the private sector persons who have embarked on the Recover Saint Lucia initiative and who have been able to get the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader to sit at one table to speak of the importance of a united fight. I wish you all the best and it is encouraging when our real thinkers step up, especially when our beloved Helen needs us the most. This is no time to destroy our institutions, especially those that create over 65% of our economic wealth.

Instead of filling people with anger and distrust maybe the socio/political ‘fear-mongerers’ and self-proclaimed COVID pundits should remind people of the dangers of poverty, of not being able to buy food for your children or to pay your bills. That is the future they want for us if we do not find a way to stay safe and keep our economy running.

Are the doctors of paranoia who see this situation through the lens of medical myopia prepared to take their money and give to the disenfranchised when their industry is ruined?

I don’t think so.

So, let us filter the noise. The World Health Organisation and PAHO have said very clearly that we can protect people’s lives and health while allowing them to save their livelihoods. If the experts say so, who are we to say differently?

The fact is that every hotel now open can only operate if they have been certified by the Ministry of Health. It means that they have to have protocols that are comparable – if not better, in some cases – than the local hospitals and health institutions. What that means for those who refuse to think is that the hotels are among some of the most secure places on the island – as compared to other places where we go and congregate without a thought.

Once more we refuse to take personal responsibility and have chosen to pass the buck to the easiest target.

For those who want to shut the country down, be very careful for what you wish, because your reward may very well be Pandora’s Box. But I’m sure you will find someone to blame for that too…

Brian Rodney

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