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Discipline and Adherence Is the Answer

By Edwin James

Community spreading of the Corona Virus is with us, but there are two questions at bay, how did it happen? And what can be done to address the situation?  There is no doubt that the backdoor entries had a serious role in the problem for the simple reason, there was no one testing the perpetrators, secondly, the families and friends of the perpetrators on island undoubtedly welcomed the individuals with open arms, no masks, no social distancing which is 85% of caution thrown out of the window based on Dr. Fauci’s words.

This problem is also clear and simple, have our people now understood the seriousness and implications of the virus? Here are the consequences that will follow, a cost to the health services, a cost to the nation by way of closures where unemployment escalates indirectly affecting a number of businesses based on the decreased movement of customers at all levels.  The number one status which St. Lucia had so cleverly earned is now in question.

This is no time to start playing any blame game, but certain persons must take responsibility for their actions. The hierarchy of the Labour Party, instead of supporting government in their efforts to curtail the pandemic keep finding fault all the way. With hindsight should they have had a march?  The answer is decidedly NO, as nothing was achieved politically other than the same old stories which we have heard over and over again.

There was no social distancing at the march and very few masks were worn, a recipe for disaster.  It would be interesting to find out, how many individuals who attended that march, subsequently tested positive. Presently, government has now been forced to double the size of persons designated for contact tracing. This is a tedious task which requires patience and dedication. The time for discipline, adherence and co-operation is now.

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