Philos Saint Lucia: Made With Love

MEET Jeremiah and L’Erin Philogence the couple behind Philos Saint Lucia. Philos Saint Lucia is known for its life changing remedies and natural beauty products and according to the owners, it was designed with you in mind.

I interviewed Jeremiah and L’Erin recently and I must admit, I enjoyed the interview immensely. The pair gave me a hundred and one reasons to fall in love with ‘Philos’ and I certainly did.

“We started this because we knew that there were a lot of remedies that our grandparents made that we didn’t want to lose track of. My husband, specifically his grandmother Mam Agee from Jacmel—when he was growing up, they used to go to her garden whenever they were sick; they didn’t go to the doctor. They would go and find whatever would make them healthy from her herbs, plants and her roots,” L’Erin told THE VOICE this week.

“Same on my side. When I was growing up in Kentucky, when I got sick, we often had herbal teas to treat ourselves. We didn’t go to the doctor a lot and that kind of stuck with both of us. When I was in law school studying to be a human rights lawyer, I was also infusing oils and vinegars with herbs. I found myself making these things and thinking okay, I’m supposed to be studying for an exam but this is what I really want to do,” she added.

She has no regrets.

“We definitely did the right stuff. My grandmother and I had a very tight relationship and when she died in 2018 that was a big fall for me. That’s when I decided I’m not going to work for anybody, I had to continue that tradition on behalf of my grandmother,” Jeremiah shared.

Philos Saint Lucia has worked wonders for many but this comes as no surprise. The husband and wife pour their all into their company and it truly shows.

“When I start I don’t want to stop because of the love and passion (I have for it),” Jeremiah stated.

L’Erin agreed.

“He’s a very determined worker and once he starts a project he’s not going to stop until the project’s done,” she said.

They think the world of each other and for them, love is everything. In fact, it’s their motto.

“We actually took the name Philos for our company because we wanted to show our love for our fellowmen and my husband’s last name is Philogence so when we got married I took his last name because it made me proud to have a last name that was about love. The whole mission of everything we do with Philos Saint Lucia is to uplift our community and to put as much caring, and love and health back into our community as possible,” L’Erin revealed.

With two other family members at their side, they’re unstoppable.

Their products have received rave reviews online especially bestsellers like Mam Agee’s Tonic which is “highly effective at treating inflammatory conditions, gastric distress and erectile dysfunction” and Rubbar Rub an “extraordinary blend of 16 powerful natural ingredients” that is “great for injuries, physical strain and post-op recovery.”

“These are time tested, well researched, completely thoughtful remedies that really work for people and they restore that sense of stability; it gives you that sense of what you can rely on to feel like your health is in the maximum possible position,” L’Erin said in closing.

You can find the couple at the Castries Market every Saturday. You can also follow them on all social media platforms.

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