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WASCO Urges Conservative Water Use in Light of Drought Warning

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc. WASCO wishes to draw the public’s attention to a Drougt Warning issued by the Meteorological Services Department and concerns relating to this prevailing dry season and the impact thereof it is currently having on our water resource.

Dry conditions continue at this time and the prediction for this weather pattern has been forecasted well into 2020 by weather experts. This has continued to deplete our raw water supply from the traditional abstraction points within the river system as well as the John Compton Dam reservoir.

As a result of this dry spell, WASCO is currently considering a number of options to ensure that the available water supply is distributed to all customers. Considerations under review include the extension of a valving schedule which has already been implemented in some communities.

WASCO also urges customers to immediately implement the following measures.

  • Repair all noticeable water leaks within the home and or premises
  • Install or replace defective ball valves in your toilet tanks
  • To conserve water, it is advisable to stop using a hose for the washing of vehicles and bicycles
  • Stop watering lawns
  • Shut taps while using soap on your body or shaving or brushing teeth
  • Shut taps while washing/rinsing dishes or clothes
  • Harvest rain water whenever possible for household use and watering plants
  • Use water saving devices on the taps or hoses at home.

WASCO is mindful of the increased demand for water at this time as the country seeks to stem the spread of COVID-19 through the mandated health protocol of frequently.

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