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Thanks to COVID-19, the present is frightening, tomorrow is uncertain, and our future looks bleak!

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By Carlton Ishmael

In all my years of writing I have never had to deal with a subject that has been in the news and every network for the last three months.

Sadly, this new reality is unbelievable, mind boggling, and frightening. I have read about past mass casualties such as world wars one and two, I have heard about hundreds and thousands of deaths due to Scurvy, Bird Flu, Ebola, AIDS and so forth.

I have read about the end of times biblically, the predictions of Nostradamus and nerve gas used in the conflicts in the Middle East, but never in my life have I been confronted with such a reality.

Death is everywhere. The present is frightening, the future looks bleak and our tomorrows are uncertain. Some people are suffering, some don’t seem to care, and the youth are not bothered. Those who live from paycheck to paycheck are worried about when and if the next one will come, those who have loans, or mortgages are all concerned, utilities are always a concern, and if you have no savings, the problem is compounded.

It is a time of uncertainty, a scary time, a deadly season and a time of reflection. The world as we used to know it will never be the same again. Our goals, ambitions, desires, wishes and dreams may all end-up on hold and the bottom line is only the Chosen Ones will survive the times.

Meanwhile, those who take no heed will perish, those who take this virus as ‘no big thing’ will become victims of stupidity and those who think that there is no God will have to rethink.

I pray for all and may the Wise find the means for us to weather this storm and those who survive this deadly season learn that Man is not in control, God is.

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