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Below is a letter from Super Serv Service Station in response to claims, accusations and allegations made on the talk show “How Can I Help You”, hosted by Richard Frederick and aired on MBC Television on Thursday April 2, 2020

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Our Nation and the rest of the World are at this very moment facing an unprecedented global crisis that threatens our very existence, but more so it is a time when the best of our humanity and unity is needed, to give us a fighting chance to defeat this COVID-19 pandemic – Killer of people. It is therefore unfortunate and shocking that some will choose a time such as this, to use the media as a weapon to spout flagrant, dangerous untruths and bare faced lies and insinuations to advance their politically motivated campaign of vindictiveness and hatred.

On Thursday April 2, 2020 on his talk show, “How Can Help You”,(aired on MBC Television ), its host, Richard Frederick made allegations against Super Serv Ltd. formerly Galaxy service station and its proprietor Mark D. Maragh, which clearly intended to be defamatory and to incite hate. We note this is not the first time.

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Here are the irrefutable facts, which would have easily been made available to Richard Frederick had he cared about the truth and chosen to contact our office or Mr Maragh directly, since he has Mr Maragh’s personal cell phone number. Early into the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Maragh through Super Serv pledged the sum of $20,000.00 of free fuel to the police and emergency services to assist as part of their efforts in controlling and curtailing the existential threat that the pandemic poses against us all. We knew well and accepted that our businesses would be operating at a loss until matters returned to normalcy. This amount was graciously matched by Rubis. We are also informed that Sol had contributed as well in similar fashion.

At no point in time did we seek any exclusivity as regards opening for business during restricted hours of operation and in this case the curfew. In fact, the record shows that we have sought a rotation of service by all gas stations so that we may each share the burden of the many risks. There is no money to be made at this time.

You will also note from the official communication out of the Prime Minister’s Office, that Super Serv was just one of six service stations authorized to open during the curfew. This shows the mischievous and deliberately misleading comments of the talk show host to take cheap political shots.

It is well known that Richard Frederick is obsessed and overtaken by his enmity against Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and misses no opportunity to attack him and those whom he believes have any close associations with the Prime Minister.

Regardless of these lies, we at Super Serv persevere in our efforts to do our part in ensuring that we win the fight against this killer of people. Therefore, we will not be distracted by the noise and hate, that the likes of Richard Frederick generates and spews relentlessly “week in and week out”. We will at the right time address these defamatory falsehoods in a manner that he will appreciate.

Let me take this time to thank my dedicated staff of Super Serv who fearlessly and willingly agree to work during this perilous time, if needed, to ensure that the Emergency Responders and Police had the fuel needed to maintain law and order an carry out their increased patrols across the country.

We also wish to thank all our frontline people’ health care and medical personnel, the police, emergency workers, community leaders who are putting their very lives and livelihood on the line to save ours. Our country owes you a heavy debt of gratitude.

And finally to our fellow brothers and sisters in Saint Lucia, we can make it through this time of turmoil if we do our part in observing all the protocols; being our brother’s keeper and trusting in God who is our only supply of grace and mercy for times like this.

Stay strong! We are all in this Together!

Mark D. Maragh
Super Serv Ltd.

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  1. Let this be a warning to all – to the top down to the little baby – at a time such as this, there is no
    place for unstable heads whose only ambition is to create strife and chaos, on a Rock with only
    2000 citizens. Enough is enough – serve the T.V. & Radio Stations with stringent Notice, that if
    anyone ferment descent in the society which is struggling with an epidemic such as this, then the
    authorities must take action to protect and preserve proper civil behavior, or Licences will be revoked.

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