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Man who Verbally Abused Prime Minister Chastanet on Social Media Charged

A man who used social media to insult and threaten Prime Minister Allen Chastanet this week, while hiding his face behind a bandana and sunglasses, has been charged and is now on remand.

Police say they have charged Steve Kowan Alexander, alias Silver, 28, of Canaries but who resides in Soufriere for threats and abusive and insulting behaviour.

He has been remanded to the Bordelais Correctional Facility until Wednesday when he is expected to face a magistrate court.

It took police a bit longer than usual to arrive at a charge yesterday afternoon as Alexander was said to have apologized to the prime minister while in custody.

The 27 second video which featured a man wearing a red bandana covering most of his face and wearing large coloured sunglasses with polarized lens and a beige looking piece of clothing covering his forehead and top of head, was graphic from start to finish in the language he used.

The man in that video was explicit in the profanity and obscenity he used to describe the prime minister, even going as far as to threaten him.

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis
National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

Alexander’s order of arrest was issued by National Security Minister Hermangild Francis after a complaint was made to him by the prime minister.

The man’s outburst against Prime Minister Chastanet was directed at the decision he made to lockdown the country Wednesday morning for seven days.

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  1. Obviously he knew it was wrong, hence the reason he covered his face.However this crisis is new and hopefully there is not a next time.And like all other administrations,there will be lessons learn’t, and the shut down can be better implemented.Sons and daughters of Saint Lucia, love the land that gave you birth.

  2. My friend you said love – 2000 years ago my hero said it first, the world hated Him for that.
    Before and long after this thing settles down, there is and will continue to be mass unemployment.
    on a global scale. God forbid if what I’m thinking ever happens, it will be chaos not only in the big Cities
    but the small States Internationally will suffer on a massive scale never imagined.(shush, listen up )
    I hate to be the one breaking it to you: I spend sleepness nights worrying over my young relatives back
    home renting, out of work, with no signs of any relief, kids at school;17 to 22 yrs old robbing homes
    fights influenced by political bias.I will stop here,but it dose not look good Globally;Pray with deep faith.

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