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COSMETIC PATRIOTISM — The Virus Spreading the Virus

Just over a month ago we expressed our undeniable support and love for our country, St Lucia, with the adornment of national colours, consumption of national delicacies and attendance at ceremonies and celebrations. Amidst a rare consortium of indigenous and locally produced music we proclaimed 758 to be winning numbers as we danced in synchronization with our proclamation that we are “Lucian to the Bone.” It was Independence and so we profited the opportunity to party like a Lucian.

Perhaps the crux of the issue at hand is the phrase “Lucian to the bone” for two very simple reasons.

  1. The part of the anatomy associated with love is the heart and not the bone.
  2. The heart’s skeletal structure is made up of connective tissue which equates to the heart being boneless.

Our quest to deny Covid 19 the opportunity to devastate our beloved St Lucia is facing an even more deadly and contagious virus namely “Cosmetic Patriotism.” This disease confines patriotic behaviour to no more than a display of self- gratification visible only during National Festivals and Celebrations where there is a party like atmosphere to fuel our desire for the three A’s…Attention, Alcohol and Applause. This virus is passed on from citizen to citizen daily with the major casualty being the very land that gave us birth…St Lucia. As I watched the many videos highlighting the blatant disregard for the scientifically recommended protocols ranging from the washing of hands to social distancing,  I was reminded that true patriotism is a daily display of love and affection for all that exists in our environment.  Patriotism is characterized by instinctive love of your fellowman and respect for the rule of law, justice and equality. It is the recognition that one’s actions can significantly impact the lives and livelihood of others and so the decision-making process must consider carefully the pros and cons of every intention and action. Patriotism balances religion with logic and plain good sense and recognizes a God of understanding who also recognizes and accepts prayer and offering in isolation.

St Lucia it is time to act responsibly and face the fact that surviving this pandemic requires immediate and drastic changes and inconveniences. If you truly love the land, the people and the light desist from this practice of putting yourself first. Your country needs you now………You need you now…….The world needs you now.

It is time to abolish Cosmetic Patriotism and follow the recommendations of the experts so that we can not only survive this pandemic but rid ourselves of the scourge of ignorance and plain stupidity.

Become a true Patriot Now. Wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing and STAY HOME.

For the sake of those who may not be able to comprehend this important message and need to be educated let us do that. We must also ensure that all have the capacity to comply.

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