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Another Batch of People in Quarantine Released

Saint Lucia releases another batch of people in quarantine from the Rodney Bay and Castries Public Health Facilities.

A total of one hundred and thirty nine individuals from the Rodney Bay and Castries Public Health Facilities have completed their fourteen days in quarantine and were sent home on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

The individuals showed no signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and were provided with certificates of health upon their departure.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George also highlighted the importance of having these individuals in quarantine.

“Because there are many countries that are high risk based on the number of positive cases for COVID-19, it is important that we keep persons who come back, travelers in quarantine where we monitor them, their temperature, we do their vital signs and we monitor them for respiratory signs and symptoms that is fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat or just feeling unwell. So, we monitor them and for anyone who develops respiratory sign and symptoms we ensure that they get tested for COVID-19. This is to protect, prevent and to reduce the possible transmission of COVID-19 from persons coming into the island.”

Three individuals released from quarantine shared their experience.

Isaiah Monrose says, “My experience at quarantine has been unique. It has been a learning experience. In the beginning it was a little difficult until we settled in. After we settled in, it was really comfortable, the nurses everybody made it very comfortable for us and we understood what it meant to be quarantined. Because as a seafarer, we work on a cruise ship most of us and when we got here we already did a little quarantine on board, but here we did another 14 days which was really a very good experience before getting out in society, so I am glad it was that.”

Shawn Blanchard says, “I had a good experience in quarantine but thanks to the Ministry of Health, Prime Minister, the police officers and nurses which made it a tremendous experience. So, I want to give them a thumbs up and to tell them keep up what they are doing because they are working extra hard to make sure they control the spread of the coronavirus.”

Niall Ashworth says, “My experience here has been pretty positive I would like to say. I was able to get all my school work done. We did have a bit of hiccups with the WIFI over the first few days; however, WIFI was always maintained in the front building so if you needed WIFI you were able to get it. The food every day we got three meals a day and it was quite nice. I like the rigorous checks they did for our temperature every single morning and night. So, overall I think it was a very useful experience.”

The individuals in quarantine were provided with care packages from NEMO and transportation to go home.

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