Loggo Keeps Things in Motion

Image of Kermany “Loggo” Lionel.

From the small village of Choisuel, to the city of Castries St Lucia and now based in Toronto Canada, Kermany Lionel better known as Loggo Lionel is a film and music video director.

Image of Kermany “Loggo” Lionel.
Kermany “Loggo” Lionel.

His career began as a professional photographer at a major resort, which lasted for three years before deciding to pursue other employment options. Things did not go as planned; however, this gave him an opportunity to invest in his photography skills in a way that he had not been able to while working a full-time job.

In 2014, he established his own photography business, Dream Vision. He then realised that the photography industry in St Lucia was highly saturated, which led him to pursue other interests. At the time, his videography experience had been limited to a few amateur music videos. Loggo wasted no time honing his skills and seeking opportunities to gain new experience, with the intentions of making 2015 his breakout year. Dream Vision changed its focus to become a videography company producing wedding videos, music videos and commercials.

Image: Loggo’s finished products are always worth waiting for!
Loggo’s finished products are always worth waiting for!

Taking a big leap by moving to Canada in 2016, Loggo Lionel became exposed to the film industry which inspired his craftsmanship. His portfolio grew extensively, which led to him letting go of Dream Vision and using his nickname as his brand.

A touch a magic from Loggo is the key ingredient for a video that’s worth keeping on repeat.

The rebellious shooter,Loggo Lionel has been noted for his powerful, seductive and mysteriously attractive storytelling. Loggo has worked with many popular artistes including Kayo, Neon Dreams, Quake Mathews, Teddyson John, Shemmy J, Motto, Sedale, Kes, Kerwin Dubois, Destra, Shenseea, Nailah Blackman, Trinidad James, WSTRN and many more.

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