A Rising Poet

SAINT Lucia, as many Saint Lucians know, has established a reputation for producing prolific writers. As we show our appreciation for the greats who came before, let us anticipate the arrival of the next generation of talented writers.

Image of Marlan Leon
Marlan Leon

Marlan Leon is one of Saint Lucia’s newly-published poets. He was born in February 1989 and was always fond of reading. Marlan began writing poetry in his early teens through the inspiration of a friend who always spoke about literature. His poems were based on the observation of life around him. For Marlan, poetry fulfilled him in a way that nothing else could, and so it became as much a part of him as his own heart.

His first collection of poems, published by Hailcloud Publishing, is titled ‘Love, Heartbreak & Poetry’ and will be released on Monday 10th February 2020. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com. On the website is a short introduction to what awaits the reader. It reads, “Deep beneath the stoicism of a man’s poker face are feelings buried inside him, so intense that they may just corrode his metallic shell, unmasking the frailty behind his machismo and the tenderness he wishes to express. From the exhilaration of finding love to the hollowness of heartbreak, ‘Love, Heartbreak & Poetry’ bleeds the truth of a man who has stripped himself bare. Read these heartfelt words and you may just discover your own truth!”

Image of Cover page of Love, Heartbreak & Poetry by Marlan Leon.
Cover page of Love, Heartbreak & Poetry by Marlan Leon.

Marlan took a serious approach to poetry from his early 20s. He said he was very fortunate to have friends who appreciated his writings and friends who encouraged him to publish. On that note he remarked, “Anyone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart or who doesn’t want to see you advance, is not a friend.” He added that it was important for aspiring writers, musicians and every other artiste to build the kind of friendships which cultivated their interests.

As his writing journey continues to progress, Marlan remains grateful for the people and the experiences which have inspired him. He advises other young and aspiring writers to never give up on their craft and to value it for its contribution to their inner growth. “Take a risk in doing what you love,” he said. “Don’t allow yourself to be plagued by the ‘what ifs’ or ‘maybes’. Always find time for your passion and don’t allow it to burn out; always feed it. You may feel uninspired at times or mentally depleted. But to find your inspiration again all you need is a change of scenery; look at the clouds, get some fresh air and take some sunlight. You will be surprised what natural therapy can do.

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