Young Saint Lucian Writer Releases Debut Book of Prose

BUDDING Saint Lucian writer Kerwin “cakes” Caesar has fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an author, following the release of his debut book entitled, ‘My Pen Speaks: An Anthology of Human Related Prose’.

Image of Up and coming Saint Lucian writer Kerwin “cakes” Caesar.
Up and coming Saint Lucian writer Kerwin “cakes” Caesar.

‘My Pen Speaks’ depicts everyday situations, struggles and norms of human life. It delves into aspects of our daily lives, which portray the human need for love and acceptance and also engages the challenges of dealing with hurt and internal struggles. The book relates tales pertaining to the trials of being steadfast and resolute, and also speaks of being unorthodox and misunderstood. It seeks to promote and encourage the need to be different and being proud to be recognized as such, regardless of how agonizing it may be in society.

The 40 piece collection of prose entails pieces on topics such as prostitution, abortion, infidelity, life before technology, lustful desires, infatuation and the desire to engage with God on a personal level. The book was officially released on Amazon on December 7, 2019 and author of the new release, Kerwin Caesar is most certainly proud of the accomplishment.

“I thank God for permitting this dream to come true for me and for blessing me with this talent. I’ve always been passionate about writing. Growing up as an only child, reading and writing were basically staples for me and slowly writing became a hobby. I enjoyed writing compositions, short stories and songs, and through watching television I attempted to write my own “movies”, which I was never happy with so they were never completed.”

“I am really proud of this accomplishment. It had been a sporadic work in progress for a few years until I decided to really pursue it in 2017. I believe that this book is for everyone, in that, each person who reads it will be able to relate to a few of the pieces in it. I have infused my personal experiences with those of the average man to bring out my own enigmatic views on everyday living. My hope is that my pen can really speak to the world, and let people know that the author can relate somewhat to the challenges, the pains, and the difficulties that we face daily. That someone out there seeks to not judge first, but rather empathize and shed light on some of the truths which plague us.”

Kerwin Caesar hails from the community of Praslin. He is a freelance writer who has worked in journalism with the Star Newspaper. Immediately following his probation period, he was rewarded with his own youth column entitled, ‘Highlighting Young Persons and their Efforts (HYPE)’, which he used to promote the achievements of Saint Lucian youth. He is also a part time blogger via his website, Jus Write- juswriteslu.com.

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