Powerful Reminders for When You Forget Who You Are

“It’s repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Claude M. Bristol

Have you ever felt as if you had forgotten who you were?  As if you were experiencing temporary amnesia and you were confused and bewildered about everything?

Daily affirmations can help you regain your sense of power.

You know, the times when you feel lost and uncertain because you allowed yourself to go deep down the rabbit hole and consumed by negative thinking.

Often, the thinking starts ever so subtly and innocently and before you know it, you have a full-blown category 5 storm, tsunami and whirlwind in your mind. It usually happens so fast and builds momentum in such a short space of time, it leaves you feeling demented, muddled and unbalanced.

One powerful way of circumventing these moments of temporary memory loss, is by interjecting your mind’s chatter with uplifting, positive affirmations, which helps to bring you back to a state of peace and centeredness.

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Affirmations work best through repetition and consistency, therefore repeating your affirmations, preferably out loud, over and over, helps the mind to receive and accept statements that are more positive and serving.

This change in thinking inevitably affects how you feel, contributing to feeling clearer and better.

Affirmations are simple, yet powerful tools you can use at any time to help remind you of the truth of who you are.

Here are a few I’ve created which can used at any time.

  1. I am love made manifest in human form.
  2. I am joyful within my being.
  3. I am grateful and thankful for all that is.
  4. I am peaceful within and without.
  5. I am satisfied, content and fulfilled.
  6. I am abundant in every area of my life.
  7. I am worthy and more than enough.
  8. I am beautiful, spectacular and amazing.
  9. I am wise and knowledgeable.
  10. I am successful in all of my endeavors.
  11. I am healthy, well & full of vitality & energy.
  12. I am creative and unique in my expressions.
  13. I am powerful and brilliant.
  14. I am complete & whole.
  15. I am always supported and provided for.
  16. I am continuously expanding & growing.
  17. I am kind, compassionate & understanding.
  18. I am an embodiment of love.
  19. I am a beacon of light.
  20. I am a reservoir of peace.
  21. I am always guided by my inner wisdom and intuition.
  22. I am walking and flowing in my purpose and mission.
  23. I am the creator of my reality.
  24. I am a beautiful expression of the Divine.
  25. I am an infinite well of abundance and prosperity.
  26. I am receptive to all of life.
  27. I am continuously growing and expanding.

While affirmations are powerful in helping you to regain control of your mind, in moments when you feel lost, it is highly suggested that you use affirmations daily. Repetition ensures that the affirmations, eventually lead to beliefs which ultimately leads to sustained states on peace, calm and centeredness.

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