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What Makes Me Mad

I am shocked that in this era, human beings still discriminate against one another because of their skin colour and race. You would think that with all that has happened over the past few years, such as the election of the first black president of the United States and black athletes having more of an influence in sports that this issue would have been laid to rest by now. However, this is not the case.

Firstly, Ms Editor, individuals are always saying that racism needs to be abolished epically with regard to sports. According to news reports from the Italian Football League “Calcio A” football stars like Romelu Lukaku and Kaildo Koulibaly are constantly receiving racist attacks in the form of monkey noises from fans. This is disgusting behaviour as these individuals go out of their way to entertain these same fans. What makes this even more disgusting is that some individuals support this behaviour, saying that these are tactics used to distract the opposing team, how despicable! Tell me Ms Editor doesn’t this make you angry as well?

Secondly Ms Editor, what makes me mad is what individuals perceive to be racist, just to avoid real issues. A comparison between an individual and something as ridiculous as a mascot for a business would receive more racist backlash on social media and have more influence on individuals than a black man being shot because he was walking on a certain street late at night. This is ridiculous as there are individuals suffering because of the colour of their skin and race and the authorities in charge of handling this issue choose to focus on the unimportant issues. Ms Editor, do you see why this angers me?

Lastly, what really gets under my skin is that so many individuals speak about stopping racism in society, yet nothing is being done. Day after day, I hear so many anti-racist organizations speak against racism, stating that they are at work, trying to abolish racism, yet still I see the same old news, “Black man shot by a police officer for allegedly carrying firearms.” Ms Editor this is outrageous! How long must this continue before these anti-racist organizations decide to do what they claim they are doing?

In conclusion, Ms Editor, I truly believe that if we as one people take one sincere action against racism, then surely we will really make a difference. Sadly, I see no sign of this happening in the near future, but I hope that one day our words will become actions and our children will reap the benefits of a unified world.

Caelan Henry (Student)

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