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What is My Purpose Anyway?

“THE purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach of eagerly and without fear for newer, richer experience.”Eleanor Roosevelt

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Most of us, during this time of the year, usually spend time reflecting on our lives. We question and assess the results of the previous months and begin to create new intentions for the upcoming, fresh, unfolding year.

It’s also a time, when our ‘purpose’ comes into the spotlight. We ask ourselves, if what we are currently doing, is in alignment with our purpose or for a great majority, contemplate what is our purpose?

Knowing exactly what my purpose is has been a lifelong quest, more like a chase. Determining and answering, what felt like an elusive question, placed a great deal of pressure on my mind and being for some time.

In some circles, knowing and living your purpose is of utmost importance, as it is purported that this is why we are here. And if you aren’t living your purpose, well essentially you are wasting this precious life you were given.

There was a memorable point in my life when I sat with myself and said, “Self, what is your purpose? Why are you here? What are you meant to be doing?” After several self-inquiry sessions, I thought I figured it out. I had it, it was perfectly defined into a single statement. I felt great. It gave me the satisfaction I thought I was seeking for all those years, until it didn’t.

From the time we are young, we know what our purpose is, but outside influences can cause us to lose our way.

Honestly, eventually I became miserable as I sought to ensure that every step, every action and every choice was in alignment with this so-called purpose. Job opportunities, business ventures, life partners and friendships all had to fit within this narrow definition of what I thought my purpose was.

But something was wrong, it had to be. All of the books, videos and purpose, advocate leaders all told me that once I figured out what my purpose was, life would flow, and everything would then fall into place. However, this was not my story.

Often our true purpose is living, existing, and being our best selves. (PHOTOS: Pexels)

I developed what most called tunnel vision. The experience was similar to placing my hands on the sides of my face, to block out my side periphery, only being able to see what was directly in front of me. While this tunnel vision helped me to be more focused on what was before me, it cheated me of seeing and experiencing everything else.

After a while, I abandoned the notion of a single, solo purpose, which felt more limiting than expansive. I then gave myself the permission to see the truth that every step, every stage, every adventure, every up and every down, every in and every out, was all my purpose, was all a part of the purpose I was already living.

This was without a doubt a pivotal moment in my life. It took away the need to satisfy the external voices and the self-inflicted pressure. It gave me the space I needed to be more curious, explore, experiment and try new things, which, believe it or not, led me to uncover fully what was there all along.

I eventually realized that what others called my purpose were really the things that brought me joy, that which lit me up, and the activities that didn’t feel like work. Unknown to me, I was living my purpose all along.

Discovering your purpose is easier than you think. We were all born with a set of unique gifts and talents, which is evidenced by the joy and ease we feel when we engage in them.

Most of us by the time we are 8 become aware of our purpose but are usually influenced by others away from it. This is why we then spend most of our lives trying to reconnect with it.

Your purpose is already a part of you, waiting to be uncovered and acknowledged. There is no need to search for it or make it happen, just allow it to unfold.

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