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We are part of the problem — and the solution!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

IT is easy to condemn or think negative about the young generation, especially the young men, based on the actions and criminal behaviour of a few. But if we don’t do anything or take some deserving and necessary responsibility for their actions, we will be blamed as the generation before them that failed to assist or redirect their course.

You see, children take their cue from adults and they feel neglected, as well as frustrated, especially if they feel that there is no supportive help.

We have a way, as adults, of noticing the pitfalls as well as seeing what is wrong, but will not caution or make the youth aware of the consequences.

Many among us think and believe that discipline or instructions are the job or responsibility or task of the schools, churches or only parents, so we play no part or get involved in making a positive contribution. In the meantime, the rut continues and the sore begins to fester and we complain and blame the rest of the society and do not include ourselves in the blame department.

Sadly enough, some people (apart from the above-mentioned groupings) have to step-up or take responsibility.

We need a big effort to reverse this trend of negativity amongst the youth, but until we recognize that we are part of the problem as well as the solution, we will continue to sing the same song and continue to blame the youth.

The real question is how long will we sit by and do nothing and yet expect to get different results. We come, we live and leave without passing-on, never or hardly ever considering our own necessary input into our nation’s and this world’s development. But if we don’t change, the results won’t change either.

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