Supporting Our Own

Image of Soca Monarch crowd

From the north to the south, this weekend saw carnival related events unfolding all across the island including Vieux Fort Carnival, Dennery Carnival, the Carnival Queen Show, Kaiso Headquarters, and the annual Soca Monarch competition. While some of the events recorded lesser numbers in terms of the attendance, others appeared to have grown leaps and bounds, particularly some of the events in the south.

This year, the carnival schedule is jam-packed with activities, some of the most anticipated events even on the same night, and others on week nights, leaving carnival lovers no other choice but to make very difficult choices – like choosing whether to miss out on sleep, work, or on other great events as the season quickly approaches its climax.

There are high expectations for the annual carnival showcase, with an intensified thrust from the Dennery segment corner, and just as much zeal coming from traditional Soca, and combinations of the two. Calypso also is heating up, with the finals set for Saturday, July 13.

As the excitement continues to build, it seems as though there are new songs being thrown into the mix at nearly every event, with new artistes quickly emerging into the spotlight to claim them. As it stands, there is room enough for all though, as Saint Lucians continue to demand more music, in an era that is encouraging for the future of music in Saint Lucia, particularly as it relates to quality, and overall execution.

Artistes old and new are riding on waves of inspiration, propelled by the international successes of other local talent, which can only bode well for the growth of the local music industry. There have also been more music festivals on the island in recent years, which had undoubtedly served as inspiration for those who wish to someday see themselves on the big stage.

One thing is for certain, Saint Lucia and its musicians are ripe for regional and international take off. Any day soon we might witness something truly phenomenal, and all we have to do is continue supporting our own. To reach the top, we must endorse and lift up the music we believe without a doubt speaks for us, and what we are truly capable of.

There is still much more carnival left, and notable events this week include the Inter-Commercial House Calypso competition, the Famalay concert featuring local and regional acts, and more.

Be sure to stay informed, keep supporting good talent, and stay safe this carnival season!

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