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The Negativities and Complexities of Social Media

By H. Jn. Panel

“If is a word that stands in the way and were it not for if we would be happy today.”  This quote applies to the President of Laborie who has quietly displayed his interest in revisiting his political interests beyond the borders of his party.  Whatever has prompted these thoughts is indeed interesting based on the ongoing discussions in the party regarding which one of the three individuals are likely to bring home the bacon in the 2021 Elections as political leader.  We can only imagine that the loss at the 2016 Elections actually put the cat amongst the pigeons as one decision-maker no longer calls the tune.  It is indeed normal that when a party loses an election, the sensible way forward is returning to the drawing board, but sometimes certain players are reluctant to do so, hence their demise is simply replicated.  The current administration experienced their wranglings, but finally, the hierarchy managed to get it right; by weeding out the undesirables which came at a price, but today the UWP is more unified than ever as the leader has understood the importance of permitting his ministers to administer their respective ministries in a structured manner.  It is not an easy task to regroup after a defeat, but it is absolutely necessary to take the bull, by the horns.

The difficulty today in running a government is the leakage from within, based on the complexities of social media where devious individuals derive their desires in furnishing the public with salacious material to achieve their sinister ambitions.  We simply have to revisit the number of bomb scares and ask ourselves one simple question – Have they ever calculated the cost of this reckless behaviour? The simple answer is no, but in their eyes, they consider themselves heroes until they are reprimanded, and suddenly suicidal actions are their only recourse.  Again, we only have to review the ongoings of the talk show “Can I Help You” to appreciate our concerns regarding the hatred being spewed, by no less than an individual who remains on the US Watch List and Lord alone knows who else.  This talk show host remains a conduit for individuals within and without the public service, who are only destroying the hand that feeds them.  The day will come when they will live to regret their actions and it may be very well too late to ask for God’s forgiveness.

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