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Medical and Dental Association Adopts New Strategy

By Marcus William

Confrontation, destabilization and opposition will take us nowhere. The consequences of those three disturbing ideologies have been propagated by the opposition from June 6, 2016. Why? The loss of power to some seems to be the end all but more appropriately described by our former PM “It is like being in purgatory”. My preamble today hinges on the latest decision by our medical practitioners to move away from confrontation by electing a completely new team of board members including a new president for the Medical and Dental Association. One simply has to witness the various interviews by Dr. Merle Clarke to realize that we now have an individual who is focused on the betterment of St. Lucia. The public at large was disgusted with the attitude and political misgivings of the former leaders which split the comradery of the entire medical team which did not augur very well.

As the current administration moves expeditiously to upgrade St. Jude Hospital to international standards by rectifying past deficiencies what do we witness! But Mutt and Jeff the representatives for Vieux Fort North and Laborie making a mockery of themselves for political expediency by threatening the public with more senseless ongoing demonstrations but that was not all as they are simply damaging their image as future representatives. The time has come when those individuals seek a form of real employment for themselves and their families when out of office and contribute meaningfully to the land of their birth. The current administration was overwhelmingly chosen for five years with just 55 per cent of their term of office completed when it will take the balance of its elected period and another term in office to address the ills of the nation.

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