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Where does CARICOM stand on Venezuela Crisis?

By Larena Danell

The Venezuelan crisis does not threaten to split the leadership positions of the United States, Great Britain, or that of the European Union, and yet… there is talk that it could split up the unity of CARICOM leaders. Powerful nations around the world are both in support of, and opposition to, Maduro’s government.

In a BBC interview with Orla Guerin, Maduro states that Venezuela is a victim of financial persecution; and that several billions of dollars and eighty tonnes of gold belonging to Venezuela was being sequestered in England and elsewhere. He maintains that the Venezuelan situation, as it is being broadcasted by the western media is a lie. Maduro asserts that the lies which are being fabricated against his government are part of a political strategy that the United States have devised in order to take over Venezuela. “It’s a political war, of the United States Empire,” stated Maduro. He even went as far as to say that the United States was being controlled by extremist white supremacist of the Ku Klux Klan.

In regards to the United States Maduro stated, “They hate us Latin Americans, Central Americans, Mexicans, Venezuelans. They hate us, they belittle us, they hate the entire world because they only believe in their own interests, and in the interests of the United States.” He further stated, “I call upon the people of the world, to wake up, open your eyes, to see that it is an aggression against the peaceful country. That Venezuela has problems like many other countries in the world, but only in peace can we solve our problems.”

Do the countries, including the CARICOM member states, which support Maduro’s regime -also support his views? Does the war that Maduro speak, of only exist in his mind; and if not, is CARICOM going to get involved?

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