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SLP dwells in denial and despair

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

THE EDITOR: The defeat of the SLP on 6th June 2016 has not yet resonated with the top brass of the party in particular Ernest Hilaire who arrived on the scene well clad after living the life of RILEY amongst the rich and famous in London.

It is hardly any secret that Ernest Hilaire is particularly obsessed with Allen Chastanet’s entry into the political arena but even more disturbing for Hilaire is the fact that Allen Chastanet is the current Prime Minster of St. Lucia. This obsession remains the underlying factor for all the political jargon including a ridiculous political vote of no confidence inspired by him through his party. Hilaire remains apprehensive of his political career for a number of reasons, firstly his association with Dr.Jufalli is not over despite the passing on of Dr.Juffali as many unanswered questions remain in the works. Secondly, Hilaire’s term in office as High Commissioner for St. Lucia in the UK has also left many unanswered questions which require clarification and thirdly, there is an ongoing defamation of character lawsuit between the individuals. Hilaire has never come to grips with his party’s loss at the polls and will continue his senseless agitation without realizing that he must first deal with Phillip Pierre and Alva Baptiste before establishing himself within the SLP in any meaningful way. Based on the foregoing Hilaire has a long and arduous political road ahead and so his work is well cut out before he can be taken seriously.

The anger demonstrated during his contribution in parliament on Tuesday 29th January spoke volumes to the extent that the in-built hatred towards the current PM could easily be compared to the utterings of Richard Frederick. On the other hand, there was an actual connection as Richard Frederick and Hilaire shared the same platform during their famous MARCH OF SHAME when predictions were made that a new Prime Minister will be in office by December 2018. In castigating the current PM, Hilaire seemed to have ignored a number of incidents regarding his untruths e.g when he openly divulged that Coconut Bay was in receivership – a statement which was completely false causing the proprietors to demand an apology for his comments. The famous laboratory which his deceased benefactor supposedly shipped to St. Lucia which was never received, his chaotic and cantankerous encounters at the West Indies Cricket Board, his total misapprehension of the Cricket World Cup which caused him to make premature promises to various St. Lucian investors, thereby, causing a number of investors to lose their shirts.

Hilaire’s past is not particularly glorious, consequently, he should be extremely careful when offering any form of advice. The very CIP he speaks so eloquently about has since been torpedoed by his former boss – Kenny D. Anthony and his contemporary James Fletcher as a very poor decision which they woefully regretted. On the other hand, he tries to contradict the decisions of the current PM for reducing the cost of our CIP passports when all other OECS nations dropped the price and, whereas, the holder of an OECS passport in any other island can actually reside in St. Lucia and transact whatever business they so desire without purchasing a St. Lucia passport. Hilaire can see no further than his nose and based on the depth of his nostrils this makes the matter even more difficult.

(Thomas Pitcairn)


  1. The writer of this poo poo platter owes me a coffee for making me sneeze coffee all over my lap top.
    People must understand the the Voice is on line and this crap that they write will be read by folks overseas too.

  2. The man is green with envy and that kind of frustration can lead one to
    do crazy things. You keep being coached by the likes of R.F. a looser and
    you’ve caused Phil to suffer the pains of a sacrificial Lamb because he is in
    a position that you would love to be in. No way; Phillip should be firm and
    command better respect as the legitimate leader of his Party. With this kind
    of attitude, you will cause a rift in the Party and loose even worse next time.

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