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No Confidence Motion Will Be Debated

Image of Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre submitting the draft motion to the Clerk of Parliament on Tuesday. (PHOTO: PhotoMike)

Back in September when the motion was first announced, government parliamentarians scoffed at the idea, some laughed at it outright. The sheer idea of parliamentarians on the government side of the House voting in favour of the motion appeared ludicrous.

Now, it has been confirmed and the No Confidence motion against Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet will be debated in the house of Parliament on Tuesday January 29th 2019.

Image of Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre submitting the draft motion to the Clerk of Parliament. (PHOTO: PhotoMike)
Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre submitted the draft motion to the Clerk of Parliament. (PHOTO: PhotoMike)

Leader of the Opposition and Parliamentary Representative for Castries East, Phillip J Pierre made the confirmation earlier today. Pierre, who wants each parliamentarian to vote according to his/her conscience had said in a previous report that “many of them (parliamentarians) are privately stating their disappointment over the policies of Allen Chastanet.

It was in that same report that the Opposition called on all House members, in particular, members on the government side, to place country above self and support the vote of no confidence in the leadership of Allen Chastanet and that he resigns immediately as Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

More in tomorrow’s Voice.

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  1. You try, you try, you try, you jump up and you shout, finally you said let’s try
    something else:- there must be a nameless number on a list there that perhaps may
    have been mislaid, so I have nothing to lose so why not try this, and let’s see.
    Huh, what do you call this?? I say, “a metaphor for a lost cause”.
    Phill my man, with all due respect, can I suggest, you should have called instead for
    the dissolution of Parliament in an effort to test the waters,it may be hot, cold or just
    plain lukewarm, may I say, neither is a healthy one at this time for investment in St.Lucia.
    Phill, stop listening to R.F. he is out to topple you first, for leadership, then you’ll see
    who your friends are.The one with the Phd,and the Lawyers will ask for your head when you fail.THINK.

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