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No Confidence Motion was a waste of time

THE EDITOR: I find the whole Motion of No Confidence moved against the government and the prime minister was a waste of time and it was a pity that the Speaker allowed the leader of the opposition so much time to say so many bad things about the government, as if he was on the Market Steps.

Everything Mr Pierre said had been said before, He said nothing new, only the same old things, so why let him go on and on like that?

The Speaker turned down all the requests from the government side and allowed the opposition all the time in the world to wash dirty linen on the government. That was not fair.

The speaker is expected to be fair to the government and even fairer to the government side because it has more members voted by the people in parliament, so it is the more important side.

The opposition’s role is to oppose, but the government’s side role is to propose, so the opposition has no role trying to tell the government side who its leader should be. Saint Lucians voted for this government and the opposition must come to terms with that.

Now that the opposition has wasted its time and the government’s time, let us hope that they now just shut up and let the government do its work.

And the Speaker must also learn to do his work better because, let us face it, if it was not for this government he would not be in that job.

I rest my case for my government.

(Uncle William Peter)

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  1. The opposition will do what opposition parties do. We live in a democracy and everyone has their rights to their opinion. It is not to say SLP tell lies and you speak the truth. You waste as much time as SLP

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