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Ministry for National Prayers

By Kingsley Emmanuel
Image of hands clasped in prayer

Image of hands clasped in prayer

A group of individuals from several religious denominations around the island has united to revive a ministry to pray for the nation.

The ministry is called “Pray for the Nation Ministry” and is a brainchild of Small Neptune. It was formed in 2016, but has not been active since its formation.

“Our objective is to bring all believers together for the sole purpose of praying for the nation,” Neptune told this reporter in an interview, adding that we (St. Lucians) are supposed to be a Christian nation.

According to Neptune, a member of the Evangelical Church, the ministry will be holding a number of activities around the island, focusing mainly on prayers.

He added that the ministry will not only be seeking divine intervention to alleviate the problem of crime because it is just part of a bigger problem in the country. He feels the country is in dire need of divine intervention to rid it of the many scourges which it is plagued with.

“The country needs prayer… No one person or government can make things better. God is the answer,” Neptune said.

He added: “We put our trust in politicians, but they fool us all the time. They promise us things which they never deliver.”

Neptune said the situation in the country is terrible.

“We cannot continue living the way we are….too much things are happening in the country,” he said.

Neptune said the ministry is genuine, adding that its members want to see the country changed for the better.

“It’s not about money-making or denominations. It’s about praying for the nation together and giving the country to Jesus,” he said.

According to Neptune, a resident of Desruisseaux, Micoud the country has a lot to gain from the ministry, so St. Lucians must make every effort to be part of it.

He said he expects those churches that have not seen the need to become part of the ministry become members soon.

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  1. “…….The Country needs prayer….no one person or Government can
    make things better, God is the answer.” quote Mr. Neptune.

    Now I’m certain – our God have been waiting for someone to stand in the Gap. I believe
    that Mr Neptune have been seeking God for an answer, and his persistent prayers have
    been heard and the Mantle is fallen on him with a strong anointing.This is a small voice
    shall we put aside our prejudices and remove the schism that the enemy of our Souls have
    placed before us, and I, even I, so far in distance, do join him in prayer for a miracle in St.Lucia.
    The brake down into Lawlessness, the house fires, failure of the Churches to preach with power
    no signs of healing no growth,sinfulness in a nation calling out for help from somewhere before the end.
    Get rid of the rituals, statues and images; God is a Spirit, on your knees worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

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