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Beware Of One-sided Narrative

Image of Prime Minister Gaston Browne

THE EDITOR: If they even made a small effort to appear to be balanced you could take the fake-news site Caribbean News Now seriously. However, their obsession with Butch Stewart and the Sandals group is simply so glaring that it has become a joke now, rather than something to be taken seriously.

First they stuck their noses into the impasse between Antigua’s Gaston Browne and Sandals last year — an issue which many said was designed to ensure an ABLP victory at the polls, rather than anything else. So said, so done — and now that’s all history isn’t it? But here they come again.

The US media have been doing a series of pieces on the issue of sexual assaults in JAMAICA. That’s right, the country as a whole. As one of the key hotel chains there Sandals has been included in the story, to a point where it seems a targeted attack on the resort, maybe because of its high profile.

However, Caribbean News Now, through one of its Chief Emissaries of Malevolence Youri Kemp, has sought to paint a picture that this is about Sandals alone — and what’s even worse, has tried to tie it back to a norovirus issue in the Bahamas in a blatant effort to inflict maximum damage!

Here’s what he says, “The new allegations come on the heels of Sandals’ mishandling and attempted cover-up of the norovirus outbreak at its Royal Bahamian Resort.”

Cover up? What cover up? Even the Bahamian health officials commended Sandals for its handling of the situation, as you would know if you read any of the credible news sources. But we all know why Mr. Kemp put that line in.

It has become so painfully obvious that the sole intent is to destroy and ruin and damage, from a group backed-up by a number of jilted politicians and so-called ‘commentators’ whose jealously runs deep, and whose selfishness runs deeper.

Maybe they are jealous of Butch Stewart and his company because he is a success — and they are failures.

It is amazing to see certain writers on this pseudo news feed come crawling out of the woodwork seeking to inflict as much damage as possible – bred by a cabal of back-room agenda-pushers and designed for the sole purpose of assailing those who are inconvenient to them.

It is sad that some members of the mainstream media fall victim to the one-sided narrative that is often seen coming from this clearly-biased source.

Caribbean News Now and the passel of bitter persons behind it represent the worst of us. That is why it is so important for the rational-minded among us call out these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

(Michael G. Joseph)

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