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Why are we surprised at the departure of international financial institutions

THE EDITOR: Was it a surprise to the OECS countries that sooner rather than later most of the international financial institutions would depart our shores?

Financial intuitions are a business and as such, unless the profitability remains in place, we shall continue to experience these decisions.

We are a group of islands with a limited population, limited economic activity and an overhead which cannot support the bureaucracy which is a recipe for disaster.

The current administration has gone out on a limb to attract foreign investments, but there are politicians and individuals who continue poisoning the minds of St. Lucians by way of criticism and through the legal system to delay progress while international investments simply find countries willing to accommodate their investment.

Financial institutions and corresponding agencies remain the life blood of every nation and we must address the issues surrounding the latest term of investments.

An example which comes to mind is DUBAI which has attracted billions of dollars in investments over the years where one building alone in Dubai is equivalent to US$1 billion and when one compares the natural beauty between Dubai and St. Lucia it is chalk and cheese.

The OECS needs to look beyond and find ways for investors with the means to both create an environment in keeping with the twentieth century and beyond.

The presence of Theo Ah-king of Desert Star Holdings is the first step in proving a meaningful change to St. Lucia based on his vision and former accomplishments.

It is so sad that a few disgruntled opportunists continue maligning an individual who has the ability to bring St. Lucia to a new and international level.

Common sense is not that common, but hopefully the persons placing road blocks in the south will live to regret their efforts as St. Lucia will only remain in the dark unless fresh technology and a new vision is explored. (Southerner)

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