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What They Won’t Tell You About the so-called ‘LGBT Family’

LAST month, the question about the “rights” of LGBT persons to have families and raise children came up and it got me thinking about just how far we have fallen as a society to think that not only are so-called “homosexual” unions okay, but that the raising of children in so-called LGBT homes is not only a right, but not different in any way to a husband and a wife, raising a family.

Such beliefs are based purely on misguided emotions and are not rooted in reality one bit. This is why certain studies done on children raised in “LGBT” homes have been maligned by the “Gay Mafia” and their supporters.

They show that the best place for children to be raised is in the homes of “heterosexual” married couples and that children raised in same-sex households are disadvantaged in several areas.

In June 2012 Mark Regnerus in the journal Social Science Research, published an article based on the New Family Structures Study (NFSS) he had conducted.

This study found among other things that children brought up in same sex households: Report less safety and security in their family of origin, are more likely to suffer from depression, have been arrested more often, are more than 3 times more likely to be unemployed, are 11 times more likely to have been “touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver” in childhood, are nearly 4 times as likely to have been “physically forced” to have sex against their will (at some time in their life), et cetera.

Critics of the findings of this study argued and continue to argue that “the children of homosexuals did worse only because most of them in this study had experienced instability in their family structure.” (Homosexual Parent Study Summary of Findings by Peter Sprigg)

While this observation is true, the criticism is unfair because Regnerus “could hardly find any “stable homosexual families”; given that “of the 248 children with homosexual parents who were surveyed, only two had lived with their homosexual parent and the parent’s partner during their entire childhood from birth to age 18.”

This bears out with other studies which show that “the relationships of same-sex couples, on average, do not last as long as those of heterosexual couples – particularly heterosexual couples who are legally married.” (the conversation.com) Including this 2012 study called The Stability of Same Sex Cohabitation, Different Sex Cohabitation, and Marriage, which shows, “that married and non-married opposite-sex couples tended to sustain longer relationships than same-sex couples.”

Those who oppose these studies tend to posit that most studies that have been conducted on this issue come to the opposite conclusion and show that there is no measurable or observable difference in children raised in LGBT households as opposed to opposite sex married couples.

However, even advocates of these studies are forced to concede that the sample sizes used in them are too small to make a general conclusion one way or the other; but given that the results are more preferable to their own beliefs, they more readily accept them, than the far more wide ranging scope of the study done by Regnerus for example.

But beyond any study or argument, nature bears the biggest witness against same sex unions and same sex households, given that every single child that’s raised in a same sex household, was conceived and came into the world via the coming together of the opposite sexes.

Therefore, not one child that is or has been raised in a same sex household was brought about by the union of the same sex couple; and this will never change. If that does not say to “pro-LGBT” advocates that such unions are unnatural as they are unable to reproduce children, then nothing will.

No matter how twisted men’s beliefs and logic become, same sex unions has never and will never be sanctioned by God nor by nature (as seen by the disruptive nature of many of their households) and no amount of protestation, will change that.

Dean Nestor is from Choiseul but from young adulthood, his years were spent in Castries. He studied at St. Mary’s College from 1999 to 2004 and later pursued a college education in English Literature, History and Sociology at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College from 2004 to 2006.

After graduating from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, he began working as a teacher from 2009 until 2016...Read full bio...



  1. Thank you Dean. Please them explain why incest, statutory rape, sexual abuse, marital rape, physivcal child abuse and violence against women etc. are so prevalent in Saint Lucia /Caribbean and in many households headed by heterosexual parents who are married or in long-term common-law relationships.
    Please explain to the women and men who cannot procreate due to genetic abnormalities or accidents, why their relationships are now null and void in the eyes of God because his measuring stick is the ability for a union to bear children.
    Please explain why you do not acknowledge that the reason for small sample sizes equally affects both positive and negative surveys as there are not enough established LGBT families due to criminalisation. So why then do you not state that the negative results from same-sex family surveys are because the greatest threat to a same-sex family is stigma and discrimination from society, which disproportionately affects the well-being of the children and the families; families that still are better planned and successful than that of heterosexuals who have children just because they can, often with no forethought and long-term planning.

  2. We must get away from this concept of family as people who can procreate. The most horrific things have been done to children by heterosexual parents.
    Let’s not forget the abject poverty of many families for generations. Education, health, access to medical care, career, housing, all suffer.
    We keep working our lives away for rich people who plan and control their families, education, careers, housing, and retirement for best results over generations, while they encourage poor people to worry about making children they can’t afford and only control their tithing.

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