MICOUD NORTH NETBALL: Dr. Gale Rigobert Tournament Fields Three Games Tomorrow

Netball Action continues in the 2018 Dr Gale Rigobert, Micoud North Netball tournament with three matches on Sunday 2nd December at the Micoud Netball Court.

In game 1, at 5.00 p.m. Mon Repos Jetsetters plays Eagles Netball Team.

Game 2, at 6.00 p.m. will see Ballers Invasion takes on Grass Roots Netball Team.

The final game on the card is slated for 7.15 p.m. between Fusion Passion and Lemonade Ballers.

Meanwhile, the tournament continued this past weekend with four matches played at the Patience Netball Court.

In game one, Grass Roots Netball Team defeated Mon Repos Jet Setters 48 – 9, with JermiaSonson netting 26 from 49 attempts, Jerlissa Mathurin 20 from 35 attempts and Keisha Nelson 2 from 12 attempts.

Mon Repos Jet Setters main contributor was Merlicha Hippolyte 5 from 7 attempts.

In Game 2, Lemonade Ballers made light work of Eagles Netball Club 51-29. For the Ballers, Kiana Nelson 23 from 25 attempts, Shem Maxwell 22 from 26 attempts, Joanne Anderson 3 from 8 attempts and Iyanna Hippolyte 3 from 5 attempts.

Gaenelle Solomon 18 from 28 attempts and Racquel Peaches Wilson 11 from 19 were the Eagles main contributor.

On Sunday 25th, Eagles Netball Club defeated Fusion Passion 49-12. Crystal Morille led the way with 21 from 38 attempts, Racquelle Peaches Wilson 18 from 28 attempts and Gaenaelle Solomon 7 from 11 attempts.

For Fusion Passion, Charlynn Aubert netted 7 from 18 attempts and Merel Popo 5 from 7 attempts.

In the final game on the weekend, Lemonade Ballers defeated Ballers Invasion 53-22. Shem Maxwell scored 25 from 35 attempts, EverlouLinor 16 from 20 attempts and Joanne Anderson 10 from 14 attempts.

Enalie John 12 from 23 attempts and Jacqueline Remy 9 from 20 scored for Ballers Invasion.

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