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Elderly Man Identified in Marchand Shooting

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Police have identified the elderly man said to have been shot by a stray bullet from last night’s shooting incident in Marchand.

Joachim Joseph, 74, was reported by people in the area to be praying inside his home when the bullet penetrated the wooden structure he was in, killing him on the spot.

Joseph was not the only victim from that incident.

Two 15-year-olds, a boy and a girl were shot by the same gunman, said to be in his teens and acting alone at the time.

The girl received a bullet to her right breast while the boy sustained a gunshot in his left buttock. Both are said to be in stable condition at hospital. It is still unclear whether the shooter and the two teen victims know each other.

No one has been arrested to date.This latest homicide has driven the overall number for the year to 43.

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