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Cornibert Must Go!

THE EDITOR: Are the Prime Ministers of St. Vincent, Grenada, Dominica and St. Lucia willing to make the right decision in saying farewell to Bernard Cornibert based on their mandate as the major shareholders of Winfresh?

Are St. Lucians aware that Cornibert has been at the helm of an organization that was originally designated to assist our farmers?

Since the disintegration of the prolific banana industry post 1997, Mr Cornibert has filled the Winfresh quota by sourcing bananas from alternative markets at competitive pricing, permitting Winfresh to remain profitable. That sounds good. But on the other hand, St. Lucia is the only island which remains a banana producer and has not been able to fulfill the entire Winfresh quota.

This having been said, the Winward Islands – St. Lucia in particular — has produced a variety which remains a preference-based quality though facing all the marketing head winds.

The St. Lucia farmers remain disadvantaged at the hands of Winfresh under Cornibert by way of them purchasing our banana quota from other sources under the Winfresh banner.

Our farmers are totally disenchanted by their deliberate behaviour in purchasing only 50% of the island’s production, despite all attempts from various quarters to desist from this practice.

The time has come when Cornibert must understand that he cannot be permitted to continue this form of indiscrimination through Winfresh.

Prime Minister Chastanet needs to immediately reach out to PMs Ralph Gonsalves, Roosevelt Skerrit and Keith Mitchell and demand the forthwith resignation of Cornibert.

The farmers of St. Lucia can no longer tolerate the behaviour of one man who considers himself above the law.

We are serious and will no longer accept that form of behaviour. (Disgruntled Banana Farmer)

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