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Coolers Freeness!

NO fee has been attached to coolers vendors may carry to the annual ‘Assou Square’ event on Derek Walcott Square containing their cold drinks.

Image of Jason Hullingseed
Jason Hullingseed

The word came from the Council’s Press and Communications Manager, Jason Hullingseed, via a telephone interview with The VOICE.

“There is only one flat rate for vendors. No fee has been attached to coolers,” Hullingseed said.

Hullingseed was asked to verify whether Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, the vendors association’s president, was correct in stating, in a St. Lucia Times article, “You were not paying for one space, you were paying for different things you had – the containers you had to sell your goods.”

The article stated that Isaac had called on the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) to stop what was described as the council’s ‘unconscionable’ treatment of Assou Square vendors.It went on to state that Isaac said he would like to see the CCC offer vendors one package, instead of a flat rental rage plus a fee for every cooler as was the case last year.

“That is grossly unfair and heartless and that is what I want to be addressed,” the St. Lucia Times article quoted Isaac as saying.

The CCC yesterday stated that the extravaganza will be a blast something to be thoroughly enjoyed by the family as it will be family focused.

Thousands are expected to converge on the Derek Walcott Square for the two days of celebrations, a tradition that Saint Lucians, over the years, continue to hold fast to.

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