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Arson suspected in Vieux Fort fires

By Kingsley Emmanuel
Image of Winston Dodoo

EARLIER this week, two houses in Augier, Vieux Fort, were extensively damaged by fire and another partially damaged in what their occupants believe to be arson.

The three wall houses, which were located a few metres from each other, are owned by family members, two of whom are residing overseas.

Image of Winston Dodoo
Winston Dodoo says he didn’t lose much, but he and others strongly suspect arson. (PHOTO: Kingsley Emmanuel)

One of the extensively-damaged houses in which the fire started was occupied by the owner’s nephew, while the other — which was also extensively damaged in its interior — was unoccupied.

According to the occupant of house where the fire started, Winston Dodoo, he was not at his home when the fire broke out on Sunday afternoon, adding that he left the house which had no electricity hours before the incident.

He said he believes that someone deliberately set the house on fire, but has no idea who it is.

“I don’t cook nor smoke in the house. I eat “Chinese”….” Dodoo said, adding that he only sleeps in the house and seldom be in it during the day.

He said all he lost was some of his clothing because the house had no household items of significance.

According to Dodoo, the few friends with whom he sometimes drinks in the house do not smoke or use fire in it.

Bernard Fedee, whose house was partially damaged in the blaze, said when the fire started he was in his house, adding that it was a good thing he was around to raise the alarm.

He said his neighbours who called the Vieux Fort Fire Station had tried their best to extinguish the fire but to no avail.

“They carried buckets of water to out the fire but could not do so…” Fedee said, adding that during that time he was afraid that the fire would completely destroy a number of houses in the area.

He also said he feels someone mischievously set the house on fire.

Up to press time fire officers could not determine the cause of the fire.

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