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$12 Million puts Sandals Halcyon on par with Grande

Image of the Halcyon pool

IT was at one time the smallest Sandals resort on the island. But today, after a $12 million enhancement, which started July 19 of this year, Sandals Halcyon is now a top-tier hotel on par with Sandals Grande.

The new addition to the resort at Choc received its first guests last Saturday and boasts the longest pool in the Caribbean, over 500 feet long.

Image of the Halcyon pool
The Halcyon pool

The additional 72 rooms are located on the side of the resort known as Paradise Grove and are all club rooms, meaning each comes with their own room service.

But this is not the only reason why the Halcyon Resort is now keeping pace with Sandals Grande.

According to Mark Harding, the senior manager on the project, all the rooms on the property have been refurbished with the public areas on the resort all scheduled for refurbishment as well, to bring them up to the Sandals standard of what a top-tier resort should be in today’s highly competitive tourist and hotel sectors.

“We are not resting on our laurels, we are putting our money where our mouth is,” said Christopher Elliott, the Halcyon General Manager.

In reference to the pool, Elliott said this will certainly be a boost to the Sandals brand in terms of its marketability.

The pool meanders in front all the rooms on the ground floor of the two storied buildings.

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