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I will build ‘Force’ for next general election

THE EDITOR: We cannot go into the next election to eat on our own vomit or just to vote out Allen Chastanet.

The silent clamour is building for a third alternative to our Jurassic two-party system. I will not ask for it to happen; I will lead the cause. I will make it happen.

I hate to have to follow this archaic maneuvering of self-imposition but necessity demands that I must be the change I want to see. It is easy to point out the problem but even more prudent to volunteer a solution.

Those who know me know that I am not egotistical and would love to erase the ‘I’ in my narrative, as I am not alone in wanting something radically different when it comes to governance in this hell-end of the west.

We will break the mold in the next general election.

We will annihilate the diabolical beast that is partisan politics.

We will bury the dinosaur. In the next election, we need an army of a few good men and women; men and women “who will not be bought or sold; men [and women] who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men [and women] who do not fear to call [corruption] by its right name; men [and women] whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men [and women] who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.”

The elections of 2011 presented an opportune chance for a viable alternative to the red and yellow derelicts, but the opportunity was missed.

The world revolves in cycles and so we must prepare to seize the moment. Seven years later, our moment is NOW.

A respected friend of mine told me the story of the lark and drove a point home. I have never been one to just simply curse the darkness without lighting a candle. Now this light must shine.

The land the people the light, we must be truly embraced. The dragon is about to unleash and terror will be struck into the heart of this menace that is partisan politics.

“At some point the talking has to qualitatively transform to some other form of reasonable action that can forceably make them understand that enough is enough”

There will be a different force to reckon with come the next election.

Yes Mr Francois, there will be. (Kensley Charlemagne)

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