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Labour Party of Chaos Knows Only How to Create Chaos!

THE United Workers Party (UWP) and many Saint Lucians “are not surprised by the disdain of the St. Lucia Labour Party to the people of St Lucia, especially after they lost the June 06, 2016 general elections.”

“History clearly shows that even when the Labour Party won an election in 1979, it could not resist causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage to the city’s commercial center, in William Peter Boulevard where scores of St Lucians ended up at Victoria Hospital, some so badly hurt their limbs had to be amputated.

As for the impact on commerce, show windows were smashed and looted; tons of human waste dumped all over the area, and on individuals peacefully attending a post-election UWP rally.

The unforgettable lesson learned: The SLP thrives on chaos, whether or not in office.

Not for nothing has the party been known as ‘the enemies of progress.’

Why else would its then leader make such irresponsible statements publicly in 2009, that he would write to potential investors to stay away from Saint Lucia?

Does he not care that when Saint Lucia is denied employment opportunities, all Saint Lucians suffer, regardless of party affiliations. Obviously not.

Who knows how much investment our country lost as a result of that hostile action, and may still be losing?”

It is also the pattern of the Labour Party to say how wonderful a project is when in government, but the same project is bad when the party is in opposition.

There is clear evidence that the Labour Party Cabinet approved a dolphin park, the then Prime Minister announced it in his Budget speech in parliament and even went on to purchase lands for the facility. But now they are out of office, the party is opposed any such idea.

Did the Enemies of Progress not launch the Sab Wisha project in Choiseul on the heels of the last elections? Now that they in opposition, they opposed project.

Once a scorpion, always a scorpion.

Did the Enemies of Progress not enter into an agreement with Range Development to sell the Black Bay lands for $3 just three days before the 2016 elections? Now that they are in opposition, they are signing their usual negative songs.

How many secret meetings did the Enemies of Progress have with the developers of DSH before the 2016 elections?

Their negotiations were kept behind closed doors, no documents leaked. But once the party was out of office, Kenny Anthony said MrTeo was the most difficult individual he had ever encountered.

Remember how Taiwanese aid was “dirty money” and Mr. Tom Chou was made persona non grata when the Enemies of Progress were in opposition? Guess whose friends the minute they took office in 2011.

Who will forget that in opposition the Labour Party described VAT as anti-poor, anti-worker and oppressive? Upon assuming office that same evil VAT was imposed by the SLP at the starting point of 15 percent and the SLP fully intended to raise the figure even higher, had it won the 2016 elections.

It is clear that The Labour Party has never been interested in the development of Saint Lucia or St Lucians, but all about Power!

Kenny Anthony obviously believes his best election strategy is to keep Vieux Fort poor and ever reliant on him for sustenance.

The UWP policy is to give everyone a chance to take care of himself or herself and their families, by affording them development and sustainable employment opportunities. (UWP Front Desk)

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