Saint Lucia National Youth Council to Speak Out on Key Issues

PRESS RELEASE – THE Saint Lucia National Youth Council (SLNYC) reaffirms its dedication to youth development and being the voice for young people in Saint Lucia.

We pledge our commitment in making our island a better place for young people, and with assurance, we state that our passion and support for youth development and advocacy remains unwavering.

In light of this, we as a collective body have noted many of the ongoing issues and challenges affecting our youth populace, including but not limited to a number of government issued changes within statutory bodies, the continuous trend of youth unemployment, the lack of access to resources to facilitate social- youth development programs, restricted access to medical facilities, insufficient educational resources and the alarming continuous surge in youth related crime and violence.

The Executive of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council will convene a press conference later this week to address and provide statements on a few major issues and priority areas along with proposed resolutions.

In setting the way forward, we urge our young people to reach out with ideas for a youthful solution to the issues that are bombarding our demography because we do not have the wherewithal to do it on our own.

We will continue to advocate and represent the best interest of every young person in Saint Lucia, and ensure that our young people are active partners in building a safe a productive space for us all. (NYC)

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