Office Of The Mayor To Launch After School Programme

Image of Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis

PRESS RELEASE – THE Office of the Mayor will in the coming days assist in bridging the gap between the end of a child’s school day and the end of a parent’s workday when it launches its first ever after-school programme.

The programme, dubbed PASS, Partners for After School Success, will offer free lessons in English and Mathematics three days a week to disadvantaged students preparing for CXC.

The after-school programme was endorsed during a recent meeting with the Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Dr. Gale Rigobert.

Speaking ahead of the launch, His Worship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis said that the introduction of PASS is aimed at not just reducing the pressure on the Ministry of Education, but also helping each student to learn and advance their skills.

According to Mayor Francis, after-school programmes have been proven to increase academic achievement as well as reduce financial stress on families.

“We’re resolute to use all tools at our disposal to expand the education prospects for the future shapers of our city as learning shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings,” said Mayor Francis.

“It is a situation where you cannot depend on Government and Ministries to do it all. Each sector, business and individual must play a key role in advancing the cause of the country. Young people spend most of their time, including after school and weekends, outside the classroom, and given the current situation we face with loitering in the city after school, the programme is a start in dealing with that issue. It will be a significant contribution and headway in providing our young adults with an engaging and supportive atmosphere that will keep our children off the streets.”

Interested persons can call 452 2121 for more information or register for the programme at the Office of the Mayor, Peynier Street, Castries. (Office of The Mayor)

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