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Legal Action In Train

Image: Is the Saint Lucian justice system itself unjust by design?

THE EDITOR: Legal proceedings against the MP for Castries South based on his ongoing allegations that the current administration disbursed $33M in respect to the Range Development Project are under way.

The comments were made repeatedly and consequently, the current government felt it necessary to take the appropriate actions.

These false rumors coincide with what transpired on September 4th, 2018 when a female personality impersonated one in authority by way of providing misleading information to the nation with the intention of creating fear within the nursing industry on island.

This propaganda seems to coincide with the upcoming March of SHAME scheduled for September 9th.

Law enforcement agencies on island have successfully collected information which is likely to bring the offenders to justice.

A top Israeli investigative officer presently on island on other related issues is expected to assist law enforcement officers in curtailing such breeches of protocol, including the ongoing leakages which remain of great concern to the security of the state.

Nothing ever happens before its time and the public can rest assured that the truth will emerge.

We trust that the offenders will no longer hide behind the shield of victimization when all the facts are unearthed.

It is indeed worrisome that opposition parties within a democratic society are prepared to go to the bitter end instead of allowing the prescribed five-year term of office to the rightful elected administration.

St. Lucia took on a new political dimension in 1997 and since then has been unable to shake off the shackles of deep-rooted socialism bordering on a mild form of communism, a philosophy which has proved to be antiquated and flawed.

A glance at our Venezuelan counterpart is evidence of a system which has not worked and likely to displace millions of lives for years with inflation now registering one million percent per annum.

The most recent sick-out approved by the president of the CSA is unfortunate, as the president failed to go through the four pillars of negotiation prior to any strike or sick out action.

We sincerely trust that the president has not permitted his authority to be undermined by any form of political methods.

Our Prime Minister has the moral responsibility to remain firm against individuals hell bent on fermenting unrest within our nation.

(Oswald Augustin)

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