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Have Faith

By Floy Hensley

“FAITH is the evident of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1)

Greetings once more to all dedicated readers of the Voice newspaper throughout the Helen of the West (St Lucia), the Caribbean isles, internationally and those via the World Wide Web connecting to this article.

This is designed to bring hope and to encourage you in your situation because the only person who can deliver you is our heavenly Father.

I am not here writing about any religious group because our religion cannot save us and also the church that we attend but having a meaning full relationship with Jesus Christ can. There is power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, things happen when we mention that name.

I do not know what you are facing right now and how frustrated you maybe with what is happening around you and you feel like giving up on life; cast all your cares on Jesus Christ. When you least expect it, God would just show up and turn it all around for you.

Have you received a bad report from the doctor, on the job from your appraisal report about your performance or some kind of evil report? Allow God to fix it all for you and just leave it all at His feet.

When your family members and friends turn their backs on you and things seem like they are not getting any better but worse, there is hope in Jesus Christ who would see you through any situation.

Faith is acting on the word of God and without work it is dead and patience is so important so that the victory would come. We have to build up our faith to another level that believing in our heart that indeed God would work out our situation at hand and would deliver us at the right time. So, stop the worrying and giving yourself un-necessary stress over that situation! God would work it all out for you and give you the peace and joy that comes from within. God looks at the heart but man would judge you because of your outside appearance.

We cannot hide anything away from God and He has a way of exposing the whole truth. Live your life to please Him and to do His will and see God open up the right doors at the right time. Then you would know that God has indeed worked things out for your good.

Father God our real battles start in the mind and the enemy want to pollute your people’s minds with all un-righteousness and the things that would not bring honor and glory to your name. Father God cleanse and purge the minds of your people that they would think and have the mind of Christ.

Father God, only you can indeed do a quick work in each and every individual life who is reading this newspaper article. Sir or Madam you are not reading by accident but at the appointed time by God so that you know that destiny and purpose would be fulfilled in your life. Your life is not your own and the time has come for you to stop running from God and the call that is upon your life, to fulfill that given purpose on your life.

Father God I thank you so much for saving those souls that have the desire to have more of you and less of self. Thank you for liberty and victories in all areas of their life and you are about to do something great for that man and for that woman.

Thank you for doing it in no other name than Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the true and living God over all the earth.

Thanks again for reading and you have a blessed, productive and favor-filled week in the name of the Lord.


  1. Very inspiring but I was looking for one word, one of the main
    fruits i.e. Love. Without the love, the deep love to the Almighty
    then the faith is weak. Amazing things happen when the Father
    notices that your deep love, first to Him and to our brothers and
    sisters are evident. Blessings, healing, peace and miracles happen.
    First with love, faith, works but the greatest is the love to the Father & to man.
    Greetings and blessings to you sister Floy.

  2. Almost on a daily basis the subject of faith comes up and I have been
    explaining to my friends, that the defining difference between science
    and religion, theories Vs belief, is that religion is satisfied with accepting
    facts for truth, while science collect data, then analyze it to form a conclusion
    based on the data. In science it is acceptable to be wrong whereas faith is
    based purely on belief and not necessarily on science. The reality is, both
    have faith in what they believe in. Now hear this fact:-
    My dear cousin who have been suffering for years with heart problems and
    been hospitalized for months, went to the limits under most reliable medical
    specialists, was told six months ago, that’s it. His family were told to prepare
    funeral arrangements. Eddie is a man of great faith, so we all began to pray
    my prayer for him is still, that he should live a much longer life so that he can
    proclaim the works of the Almighty by faith in Christ and the Holy Spirit of God.
    Eddie is continuing to be strong spiritually and physically.Praise be to our Father.

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