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Congrats to Police Welfare Department for Standing Resolute

Image: The National Trust wants to preserve the old prison site.

We commend the PWD for their stand on their approach vis-a-vis the demolition program of the prison and the facts highlighted could not be closer to the truth as 99.9% of St. Lucians would have never imagined the condition of an area adjacent to our hard-working police officers.

Mr. Chicot highlighted worst of all, the criminal activity taking place within that complex as being inexplicable yet we criticize and harass our police officers on a regular basis when culprits elude the law.

The National Trust and their surrogates have once more come to the forefront and shown their true colours but little do they know that a silent hard core within the Trust are now at their wits end with their actions.

Calixte George Jr. once the attaché of the former PM has taken the lead in politicizing the demolition and may someday suffer the consequences of his actions by failing to understand the importance of police protection in respect to a dangerous complex in the immediate vicinity of the nation’s sole security system.

Where was the National Trust when Golden Hope was stripped of components for the office of the Prime Minister?

Where was the Trust when the former PM declared the prison AS THE BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA and took the correct decision to construct the Bordelais Correctional Center?

So disgusted was the former administration with that facility that close to 15 years the complex became a forgotten nightmare until a proactive government made the appropriate decision to address this nightmare on the doorsteps of our capital. (Former Prison Warden)

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  1. Very well said. It appears to me that whenever the present administration attempts
    to do something to improve whatever, the die hard segment of the opposition raises
    their voice in contradiction and ridicule. But I think the guys on the right are resolute
    in doing the right thing; ignore them and push ahead, for at the end of the day they
    will not be accused of sitting on their hands and doing nothing.Do that which is right
    to do and you wil be compensated in the end.If it was not the right thing, I would be
    the first to raise my voice, because as a St.Lucian, I love my Country. Be blessed ye all.

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