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Get off your high horse Jeff, if you can even climb it!

THE EDITOR: The recent turnabout in Jeff Fedee’s attitude toward this government and particularly toward Prime Minister Chastanet has happened so suddenly I am still reeling from the whiplash.

That it happened immediately upon the appointment of Sir Neville Cenac as Governor General must cause even the casual observer to sit-up and take notice. Does this lend credence to the rumour that he had lobbied for the position?

Surely, Mr Fedee could not have thought that the few pro-UWP opinion pieces he wrote before elections merited such an honour or indeed any bestowment. But the recent ravings by Denys Springer threatening the PM not to forget him and Mr Fedee ‘or else…’ suggest as much.

So it seems now that publicly declaring support for a winning candidate or party means a job, title or position must be granted. Sad. And Mr Fedee clearly has an axe to grind, because he sounds more and more like a woman scorned.

His many recent ravings in the Voice newspaper lack the depth and reasoning of his usual pieces and are written first having reached outlandish conclusions and then flailing about trying to find evidence — spurious at best and ridiculous at worst — to justify the conclusions reached.

How can a man whose entire career has been dogged by one failure after another purport to offer any insightful advice to the sitting Prime Minister?

Here’s a man who has worked at the highest levels for and with three of the biggest and most successful business leaders in the entire Caribbean region; and a man who has run several successful businesses of his own.

The PM and his Cabinet must be open to constructive criticism and differing opinions and ideas. But has Jeff Fedee overnight become an economist, a lawyer, an international financier, a tourism guru — and best of all, a psychologist?

At the risk of sounding cruel I must ask the question: Is he unable to see the facts before him? His doomsday predictions fly in the face of a growing economy, increased tourism arrivals and a decrease in unemployment. That he is now reaching for any and all evidence is laid bare by the fact that he claims he was able to merely look at a photo of the PM with Teo Ah-Khing and to draw the conclusion that the PM was being manipulated. One must ask the question: Who is really being manipulated and to what end?

Visionary leaders seek advice from those they regard as equally visionary and/or who have a track record of success.

The PM’s overwhelming mandate means he is free to take advice from those he trusts and whose counsel he has relied on to win a general election in 17 days and to stop a sliding economy after only 16 months in office.

Jeff’s statement suggesting that the PM should consult with an opposition who two years ago was overwhelmingly rejected is like asking a divorced man for marital advice.

I, like many St. Lucians, am keen to see this Government deliver on certain key issues, but I am prepared to give them the benefit of time to do so.

By the way, Jeff: Did you really think you were of the ilk of Governor General? Do you really think the Government is likely to scour through your nonsensical pieces for advice on the economy? I would tell Jeff Fedee to get off his high horse, but I doubt he can even reach it!

A. F. Xavier

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