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Allen is smarter than we think!

Image of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

THE EDITOR: I wish to place this letter in your newspaper as an open letter to my two fellow Labour friends, Stephen Lester Prescott and Yolanda O’Brien:

Dear Sisters, the last article we created for The Voice in respect to the DUMPING of Allen Chastanet was a huge error. My deep concern is the fact that for the past four years we have tried every way to destroy Allen, but our strategy has not worked.

The idea of associating ourselves with the President of the SLMDA is starting to negatively affect us as a party. The latest decision to subsidize and encourage the calypsonians to create a negative side against Allen has back fired on us. Allen is much smarter than we have realized and he proved it in the last elections.

The Health Care Plan the man has proposed is resonating to the ordinary man: just listen to Street Vibes and the ordinary man is willing to try something new.

We had our chance for fifteen years and we messed up. Having the SLMDA on Richard Fredrick’s show is a disaster, as people don’t trust Richard and they know all the reasons why he is so desperate to get back into office. We also know that Kenny does not trust Richard and they are both using each other.

The true feeling on the ground is not great for us in the SLP, despite all the negative attacks on Allen, as he has learnt how to ignore all of us.

Calixte George Jr. should desist from any direct confrontation, as he is seen to be an individual singing for his supper for his old boss. Don’t forget, Big Chas and his dad go way back as pals and Calixte Jr. should listen to his dad.

Allen has a top plan for the new St. Jude and when he unveils that information, between July and August 2018 Crapo Smoke Our Pipe.

The new Hewanorra Terminal starts in sixty days from today, the first phase of the Race Track will be completed on July 30th, 2018 and the new highway from the new terminal building is already graded and will be completed by September 2018.

Presently over twenty trucks owned by the concerned citizens are finished demonstrating as they now have Ching Ching in their pockets.


Sister Maryana


  1. Well he must be very smart to have saddled Air jamaica with debt worth more than its assets and left the company before his foolishness caught with him. Now all we hear, or as is in his profile, he modernised the airline opening new routes etc. However what his profile don’t say is the company fell in and the jamaica government was forced to over the company with three years of him leaving the company.

    Personally in my view its now payback time for Butch Stewart who owned the Airline when Chastanet was an employee. In other words he f****d up so now he is making amends. Very clever Chastanet!

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