Walk For The Blind

PRESS RELEASE – CLUB Gar’s Fifth Annual ‘Walk for a Cause’ is scheduled to take place early next month, with 100% of the funds raised from the event to be donated to the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association (SLBWA)

The funds from the ‘Walk’ will come at a great time for the SLBWA, as criticisms from within, combined with its documented fiscal struggles, have recently made headlines.

The walk, which is getting bigger by the year, is expected to have around a thousand participants this time round.

Organiser for this year’s event, Gregory Joseph, said that “The walk is unique in that we donate 100% of our proceeds to our charitable beneficiaries.”

“This year, the beneficiary is the St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association.”

The Executive Director of the SLBWA, Anthony Avril, expressed gratitude to Club Gar for deciding to make the association the beneficiaries of this year’s walk.

“We certainly welcome that and we want to thank them for it,” Avril stated.

He also pointed out that “Given that the SLBWA has been around for decades and SLBWA has been extremely visible in community providing services to people who need it to the best of its ability, with the resources that are available to it, the choice for Club Gar, in becoming a benefactor of the association, was an obvious one.”

He said that “With Club Gar knowing and hearing about the plight of the association, they decided that they would make the SLBWA the beneficiary of that walk this year.”

Avril also referenced some of the problems the association has undergone, as has been reported by the Voice.

When asked what the association will do with the proceeds from the walk, Avril said he would not speculate.

“We are not sure how much money they will be able to raise; so at this point in time I can’t make a specific projection…” Avril stated.

However, he expressed hope that with the help of Club Gar and whatever proceeds it is able to raise with its Walk for a Cause, the Association can get through this period of stress, in order to help her get back to where she was and hopefully rise and move beyond where she was.”

Avril has come in for much criticism recently from some members of the SLBWA.

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