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SUNDAY’S Monster Energy Motocross event which was held in Vieux Fort was a huge success. The performances of all motocross riders went up a few notches, especially class ‘B’, where most of the intense action took place. With this noticeable improvement from all riders the stage is set for a massive build-up come next race in Cul-de-Sac on Sunday May 27th.

Although it’s only the second race of the season and points standings are only in the infancy stages, a few riders have shown the ability to conquer and be the number one contender for their individual classes. In class ‘A’ for example, the rider to defeat if there is any chance of making it to first place, is Oswald Simon, riding bike # 44. The same can be said of Jah-Mallen Alcindor riding bike # 100 in class ‘B’ and Alpha Bert riding bike # 332 in class ‘C’.

It must also be said that if the above mentioned riders are to maintain their first place podium finishes, greater commitment and harder training sessions will be required of them.

Reason being, with the return of Davidson ‘Weng-Weng’ Belizaire riding bike # 18 in class ‘A’, Antonio Maynard riding bike # 85 and Amir riding bike # 88 in class ‘B’ the number one position is no longer a certainty. These riders have displayed that they are in peak form, mentally, physically, technically and they have shown the hunger for winning.

Race day was not incident free. There were a few spills but nothing too serious. Despite being thrown off his motocross bike as a result of another rider making contact with his rear wheel, Darren Auguste showed a level of discipline and sportsmanship for which he must be commended.…..he never gave up, the sign of a champion in the making.

A special thank you must go out to our many sponsors and behind the scenes personnel, for without them the motocross event would not have been the success that it turned out to be.

The various club committees are already in place for race three in Cul-de-Sac for the 27th. Remember to follow us on Facebook and the various media outlets for updates, pics, videos and club events.

Looking forward to seeing a repeat of the Vieux-Fort crowd.

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