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Still a Believer

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By Nahdjla Bailey

THAT I am, like you and, thankfully, many others. No reason not to be. In fact, every reason to be. The number and range of initiatives conceived across sectors, projects in-the-making or already on the ground are impressive and exciting to me (and I’m writing this on April 2nd, in advance of hearing the budget and what it contains!). For some though, I suppose it’s a case of “None so deaf as those who will not hear”. But from what one does see and hear, much of the opposition, official and unofficial, which one comes across, is either purely politically motivated, intellectually dishonest, myopic, uninformed, vacuous, rabble rousing, narcissistic, méshan, or simply there for the ride, hoping for a bit of bacchanal somewhere, anywhere along the way, but in the final analysis, mostly still stunned, I think!

Little of it is genuine or thoughtful. Where are the ideas – grand or otherwise? They ignore the distresses of recent history, and the praiseworthy gains already made by a clearly, if surprisingly, inspired and inspiring, communicative leader and his competent, obviously appreciative cabinet of ministers, in spite of the intensity of the largely irrational pushback. Already we have seen positive developments in the overall employment figures, the new profile of our capital city, the tourism product, the growth in the economy and lots more. And, we’ve only just begun… But again it’s a case of “None so blind as those who will not see” – wilful blindness to the nth degree very likely caused by anger, shock, awe, and the fear of being so obviously outclassed. The boulders on some shoulders are particularly evident these days – and especially heavy, I would think.

For my part, I look forward to many of the well-thought-out stated plans coming to fruition. They are bold, they are novel, they are strategic; many have been long in coming, are sorely needed, and will serve to achieve the kinds of social and economic results we hope for, not forgetting the political, with ongoing, vital work on the Constitution. These government guys are really working, highly motivated and surely enjoying their hard work, knowing what it will result in for their homeland and ours. No doubt about it. Unfortunately, Politics with a capital ‘P’, will always get in the way and try its utmost to impede the progress coming from the opposite side, and in that vein, one has to admit that the present brand of Politics from those who oppose for a living is particularly savage, deceitful, irresponsible and repellent.

As I write, and broadly speaking, I have already seen, to some degree, signs of improvement in the manners of the people, you know, the real folk, the mood of the average person for sure, the quality of Civil Servant seen and heard on TV, the energy of organizations across the board, the interest, engagement and optimism of the youth, the confidence and self-esteem of the police and firemen, to draw attention to but a few of the pleasing human resource developments on the rise. I would congratulate these bodies and all others engaged in augmenting the official governmental moves being made in their direction, by taking more responsibility for their own advancement and appreciating the welcome interest shown in their regard. It is good to see not a few organizations – public, private, statutory – getting off their rear ends, pulling up their socks and becoming more businesslike, and hence productive. This is serious stuff and can, as increasing industriousness and feelings of pride spread throughout the land, take us to places not arrived at before. Let us therefore not continue to idle on the tarmac of the same old road, but instead do our part in preparing for and facilitating take-off.

So, Jan St Lisi, don’t be disheartened and certainly don’t let any of the disingenuous types who may cast dark shadows in your path, shake your faith or place fear in your heart. Yes, I understand it is already happening. Shades of ’79, some even say. For instance, a lady who often stops to converse with me when we meet in the street, is convinced that those up to no good, ‘the official upsetters’ as she refers to them, are bent on inflicting another ‘Plywood City’ or equally shitty creation on us. She hears talk of it in her neighbourhood and finds it all very unsettling. We spoke of the shameful, conspicuous fires and the convenient naiveté of some (read educators and other movers and shakers) who should know better, but prefer to indulge in pretensive political correctness in the extreme.

I told my acquaintance what she must have known anyway, that there are those everywhere in this world, terrorists of every ilk, who are never happier than when they are wallowing in mud or grime, or in the case of Saint Lucia, raw faeces. What a legacy those perpetrators have left and are still leaving in this land! But dare they repeat it? Will you let them, Saint Lucia? Ask yourselves that critical question. True, some have seen the light and we ought to forgive them. The feeling is generally though, that the others, their political twins and minions, should continue to be called out and made to never forget whence this absolute nastiness arose, so that they are put on notice that we won’t stand for it again.

I was not in Saint Lucia at the time, but in Singapore, and recall being incredulous that that sort of utter vileness was taking place in our beautiful little Saint Lucia about which I was wont to boast to my students and others. Didn’t conceive of all that was being cooked up right here at a time when everyone should have been rejoicing. Must have been sickening to all decent Saint Lucians of every social stratum. Happily, international news stories were not as pervasive then as they now are. In all of this, my thoughts, as ever, go out to the children of this land and what confusion there must be in their minds when they see and hear of the disgusting practices, then as now, of some in politics and other high-profile occupations and circuses.

Therefore, let all Saint Lucians of goodwill, strive towards dissolving the barriers and attaining some appreciable level of peace and progress in this land of ours. Let not the idlers, the ‘upsetters’, the ’hurries’, the rank hypocrites, the two-faced, the low-minded and the inveterate antagonists intimidate you. Do you know something? Believe it or not, I have, latterly, actually begun to think more leniently towards them: that though it may appear to many, that they oppose just for opposing’s sake and are either wilfully ignorant or villainous, I am beginning to believe that somehow they really and truly just simply do not get it! What’s more, they may even be incapable of ever getting it. So, let’s try a little kindness, well, tolerance at least, shall we? Let’s see. Shall I have a go now? O.K. Here goes:
Up with sane, healthy, even humorous opposition.Down with rabid, gender-equal decibels of the polluting variety. Give Peace a chance, you repulsive, yelling, screeching indulgers who make the most noise; you don’t do yourselves any favours, you know. Please stop, for my sake, I beg you. But if indeed there’s no way you can possibly manage that tiny act of charity, then at the very least, for all our sakes, and in all earnestness, do please spare a thought for the environment, won’t you?

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