Taste of St. Lucia Line Unveils in Latin American Market

PRESS RELEASE – THE recently launched Taste Of Saint Lucia (TOSL) branded local products lines will be prominent among those of other participating local exporters at EXPOCOMER, Panama from February 28th to March 3rd. The Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) piloted the TOSL brand in early February with an initial six product lines, namely Natmed (Insect Repellant), Alirose (Coconut Oil), Rainforest (Sweet potato granola), Belle Ruches Apiary (Natural Wild Flower Honey), St. Lucia Distillers (1931, Chairman’s Reserve, Bounty and Admiral Rodney Rums) and Cacoa Sainte Lucie (Chocolate).

Organized by Panama’s Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, EXPOCOMER is a multi-sectoral trade exhibition with a five sector focus: food and beverages, textiles and accessories, construction, technology and services. It is one of the most important trade fairs within the Latin America market because of Panama’s strategic geographic location, developed financial and banking center and Free Zone hub in Colon City. This year will mark the 35th staging of EXPOCOMER.

According to TEPA’s Client Manager – Marketing & Promotions, Mrs. Hyde Constantine-Felix, the scheduling of EXPOCOMER weeks after the TOSL launch is opportune, while the scope and reputation of the trade show makes it the ideal platform from which to unveil Saint Lucia’s export label in Latin America. “This year, EXPOCOMER has a deliberate focus on the new products and services as part of the overall mission of the Expo to forge strong trade links and partnerships between Latin America and the rest of the world” Mrs. Constantine-Felix explained, adding that the unique selling points of EXPOCOMER also make it “ perfect for strategic marketing of Saint Lucian products in that region, in general.”

The Saint Lucian booth will be located in a pavilion dedicated to Caribbean and African businesses and will be among some 650 exhibitors representing 37 countries, distributed in more than 850 exhibit booths.

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Export and Promotion Agency (TEPA) will provide a range of information and support to local businesses and international buyers.

Saint Lucia TEPA works to promote and expand business in export markets around the world. We aspire to increase local exports, to assist local businesses improve profitability and long term sustainability, thus making a direct and valuable contribution to the Saint Lucian economy.

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